Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tindall is NSW Champ

It looks like New South Wales has a new champ. It's FIDE master Brett Tindall. He finished the event with 7.5 points from nine games. Sadly, the coverage of this event had been absolutely atrocious. The official NSWCA website, for instance, has only the usual tables, no games, nothing else and still no update of the final result.

I don't mean to be dissin' the champ, but I suppose when the event was as weak as it was, there was really no point making a song and dance about proceedings. Only 3 players out of thirty-four were rated over 2000 and there was only one other master player, FM Greg Canfell.

Still, the two FMs didn't quite go through the nine-rounder completely unscathe. Canfell lost to 1643-rated Mark Baterowicz (probably his biggest win ever), while Tindall lost to my good friend Nick Kordahi! Awesome show Nick. Must get my hands on that game.

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