Thursday, October 14, 2010

Antonio Makes Peace with NCFP

In the neverending series of twists and turns of Philippine chess politics, today we hear of the latest stanza in the GM Antonio versus NCFP controversy. In some ways this one doesn't really surprise. For, after all, how could do the country simply do away with its number 2 player?

After apparently apologising to the country's national fed (and I think partly due to the NCFP seeing the error of its ways, especially in light of the Olympiad results), GM Antonio is back in. He'll be joining Wesley So, J.P. Gomez and Darwin Laylo in the upcoming Guangzhou Asian Games, in China.

NCFP executive director Willie Abalos was quoted by journos as saying, "So and Antonio will carry us in the individual event where we have a good chance of winning the gold. China, India and Vietnam are solid in the team competition."

That's one thing you can say about these Pinoys: they are ever so full of optimism.


Unknown said...

That should always be the right attitude! Optimism. After all chess is game of psychology, if you think you lose, your lost! You've got to think high to rise, got to be sure of yourself before you can even win a prize.

Anonymous said...

China? Vietnam? Gumising ka sa katotohanan Abalos! Top 20-25 in the Olympiad? Tell that to the Marines!