Thursday, September 09, 2010

Chess Nuts Bar

Being a Sydneysider, this is always hard to admit. But I reckon Melbourne has the better chess scene. Now for local chess fanatics down there, it's set to get even better. A couple, Richard Putnam and Jasmine Costello, whom I've never heard of are planning to open a bar dedicated to chess. They want to call it Chess-Nuts".

Well, alright, the name's a bit cheesy and kinda dumb but at least the joint is something.

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1 comment:

Jasmine from ChessNuts said...

Hey there - it's rather frustrating, and albeit a small matter, but the name for the bar is ChessNuts, without the hyphen.
The people in the news always get it wrong, do they not? Even the story that I encouraged Rich to learn chess is a fib, he's been crazy about chess since his early 20s.

Anywho, thanks for the comment on the bar (and its name, haha). If you're interested, you can add the ChessNuts Facebook Page and check on our progress ;-)