Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rock n' Roll in the Olympiad

They're off in the Olympiad. By all accounts it seems that things are off to a positive start. One of my Facebook contacts who is there reports that even the hotel rooms they're in look "lovely" and finished. The rooms are much bigger, too, says Shaun. And based on the published pictures so far the opening ceremony definitely looked spectacular. But I don't know, it looked a bit too, uumm, Soviet'ish to me. I hate that cheesy human chess display and the overall look. Maybe they should switch from calling this thing an "Olympiad" and call it "Spartakiad" instead.

Anyway, there's one guy who's very eager to start laying it on his opponents.


John Stuart said...

Nakamura is just awesome though. On chessbase a few weeks ago there was a picture of him in a blitz tiebreak and the caption was, no matter how many pictures we took we couldn't get one without Nakamura's hands being blurred.

The Closet Grandmaster said...

That's only because those Chessbase folks have no clue about how to take a photo.


John Stuart said...

no it was just because his hands were moving that fast lol