Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kingpin Survives Vote

Being a bit of a foodie myself, and especially so since I happen to live in the culinary capital of the world, I've just recently downloaded an iPhone app called 'Foodspotting'. Perfect for finding the food you want to eat where you happen to be. Problem is, there aren't too many Tokyo-related info yet, but I'm hoping to soon fix that!

I'm talking about this because I wonder if there's an iPhone app that the just re-elected FIDE boss Kirsan Ilyjmzhinov might find useful - something like "Alien Spotting". Just think of all the fun he could have now that he doesn't have to worry about "K" and "K" for the next four years!

As we now know, Kirsan won the FIDE contest by a count of 95-55. If you look at this report on Chessbase there's a vid of an incensed Kasparov (who was probably lucky not be decked by that big black guy behind him). For an interesting discussion on the election results, there's only one place to head to: Chessvibes.

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