Saturday, September 25, 2010

Aussie Stud in Olympiad

Back home in Tokyo now and, of course, the first thing I do is log on to the Olympiad. There waiting is a grand spanking new official site! Faster and prettier, like the blonde Sava Stoisavljevic (who's the chief arbiter of this event), the site now also seems to be quite reliable. I've actually got all the Australian games up on my browser!

Very interesting for folsk Down Under was the little Trans-Tasman test match up of the New Zealand and Australian women's teams. That ended in Australia's favour 2.5 - 1.5 after WIM Arianne Caoili pulled off the only victory, against Helen Milligan, on board one.

Speaking of the women, by the way, here's a special report on women in the Olympiad. See if you can spot the Australian stud.


Anonymous said...

Around the 2 minute mark of the video a number of DGT boards are displayed. None seem to have a wiring back to a hub or to a PC.
Any readers of this blog have ideas how the boards are linked to the Net, and displayed here

The Closet Grandmaster said...

They have wiring. It's just that the wires are obstructed from our view.


Anonymous said...

Who was that aussie ladies man?? how bizarre...