Sunday, May 11, 2008

Back in Sydney

After about an hour's delay at the HK airport, I finally made it back to Sydney yesterday afternoon. Apparently there was some problem with the navigation software. If it was any other airline I'd have been terribly upset, but Cathay's very comfortable fishbone seating configuration and attentive service quickly made up.

If you've not been to HK, then now's the best time to head over, particularly those taking Aussie Dollars. At today's rates, HK is cheap! There are, of course, all the usual places to see and do, but my tips are Lan Kwai Fong, Ladies Market and for those looking to snap a cheap lappy or DSLR, the Wan Chai Computer Centre.

As for accomodation, then it's hard go wrong with the Lanson Place, in Causeway Bay; it's a newish "boutiquee" sort of joint that's right in the middle of everything. And after a hard day's work you can pop over to Brecht's, a small bar just a stone's throw away from the Lanson. The joint seats only about 15 people, perfect for a quiet drink.

And, yes (just to add a chessic content to this post), I did manage to visit the HK Chess Club last Monday. Due to renovations at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, their usual venue, the club is temporarily housed in the Sai Wan Ho Sports Centre which is located just above the Sai Wan Ho underground on the Island line. (By the way, the best way to get around HK is via the underground, the MTR. Get yourself an Octopus card; you'll save you a small fortune with that).

I must agree with Shaun: it's basically like most other clubs. For some reason, I was expecting mahogany-covered walls. There was none of that. Also, their membership seemed to be about 70%+ juniors, mostly locals but there were a few foreigners, including one Pinoy expat. Unfortunately for me, that night of my visit was round 4 (or was it 5) of the HK championships. So I couldn't get a game until just before I was due to leave. I played some kid who didn't like lightning! That was kind of strange.

Anyway, I'm back so regular programming should commence shortly. Our first regular report will be on today's Teams Challenge tournament.


Chaos said...

I don't like lightning either but somehow I most disappointed by the lack of mahogany.

Anonymous said...

Cathay Pacific? You must be kidding. Its the worst Asian airline ever. Their seats are so small, even children feel cramped!

Try Singapore Airlines or even Korean Air for better overall service.