Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tibor Karolyi in NSW Champs

The Sydney Academy of Chess' Brett Tindall emailed me this morning about Kasparov's penile incident in Moscow (it being an example of why chess gets such a bad rep, he says), but I was more interested in the 2008 NSW State Championships which the SAC is hosting later this year.

The event is set to be one of the strongest in the championships' history. Here is a list of confirmed and potential participants:

IM George Xie 2417
IM Tibor Karolyi 2352 (HUN)
FM Igor Bjelobrk 2352
FM Vlad Smirnov 2318 (RUS)
FM Jesse Sales 2312 (PHI)
FM Denis Bucher 2305 (SUI)
IM Vladimir Feldman 2301
Tomek Rej 2289
FM Greg Canfell 2286
IM Irina Feldman 2246

Both the Feldmans are still considering, but a yes nod from them and the tournament gets to be an IM-norm event. Pretty impressive. Let's just hope that the $1000 first prize will be sufficient attraction.


Anonymous said...

Are the ratings ACF or FIDE?

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