Monday, May 12, 2008

NSWCA Teams Challenge

The first of this year's NSWCA Teams Challenge event was held yesterday in Parramatta. Led by the unstoppable Max Illingworth, SACked (Sydney Academy of Chess team), was victorious in the 12-team tournament and attended by 50 players. I was quite glad because my team, Parramatta 2, were the surprise U1800 division winners. Surprising because we did have our fair share of disasters. In the penultimate round, for example, our board 3 player, Josh Christensen, suddenly allowed a mate in 1 (with his opponent promoting to a queen) when he was just winning! Here are the prize getters.

1st - Sacked
U2000 - One Year Later
U1800 - Parramatta 2
U1600 - UNSW
U1400 - Northern Eels

Board Prizes
Board 1 Max Illingworth 7/7 (SACked)
Board 2 Jesse Sales 6/7 (One Year later)
Board 3 Simon Quick 6/7 (SACked)
Board 4 Ted Wong 7/7 (Illegal Move)

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