Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gawain Jones vs World

Last October I posted about Crowd Chess here. That was thanks to TechCrunch. Today, the folks at TC have an update: Gawain Jones has been signed up by Crowd Chess to take on the world. Read more in TechCrunch.


Tom Chivers said...

If the voters work well as a team and use computers, they should have a good chance due to Gawain's risky, somewhat incorrect style.

Anonymous said...

Team Knight Stalkers, one the strongest teams on Gameknot is in a recruitment drive.

We are looking for tenacious players of all abilitites/ratings. Players who do not timeout and who play honorably to join our squad. Help us reach the coveted number 1 ranking here on gameknot!

The team format aids larger squads- so we are almost always shorthanded and need to expand, so by all means inquire about joining our team!!


Thanks! Hope to see you on the team!"