Thursday, December 20, 2007

My 2007 Xmas Wish List

I think I've done this every year around about this time. I basically post a list of things chessic that I'd love to have in my stockings for Christmas. For 2007, here's hoping that Santa will slide down my chimney and deliver these little goodies:

1. Play the Ruy Lopez (Andrew Greet)
2. Lifetime membership to and
3. A guide for Black in Ruy Lopez (Sverre Johnsen and Leif Erlend Johannessen)
4. The complete "My Predecessors" series, by Kasparov
5. A first edition My 60 Memorable Games, by R. Fischer
6. Mega Database 2008
7. 102mm Double Weighted Staunton (Boxwood and EbonyWood) chess set
8. Fritz 11
9. Dell XPS M1330 laptop
10. More time

The last two in that list are a bit irregular. But I would love that new lappy to load all those chess software goodies while still leaving enough horsepower for all the other things I do (like graphics and games). And the last is self-explanatory. Luckily, over this last week, and with the office in quiet mode (sort of), I've actually been able to play blitz after work again.

Anyway, merry Christmast to all!

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tanch said...

Have a Merry Christmas to you as well - from a fellow Sydneysider.