Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chess in The Wild Duck

I was just reviewing the many images I took from my recent UK trip and I was quite happy to rediscover this little gem. Somewhere in the Cotswolds, I (along with my companions) stumbled across this scene in the back of a pub.

Giant chess in the Wild Duck Inn

It's in a joint called the Wild Duck Inn. I tell you folks: the English people cannot cook. Their food is terrible, their coffee is crap. But here in the Wild Duck, I had my first ever decent meal in England. And I've been there a few times. Good stuff!

Make sure you drop by if/when you're somewhere in the Cotswolds.


ejh said...

"Somewhere in the Cotswolds" = Ewen, which is not very far from Cirencester (which does not have a railway station) and even closer to Kemble (which, although much smaller, does).

To be honest if you're eating in pubs you're not generally going to eat very well. There are many exceptions to this rule but you need to know where they are.

There's another general rule on this topic which is that you can get good pub food which is expensive and good pub food which is cheap, but pay a middle-ranking price and you'll be lucky to get anything edible.

Anonymous said...

At least The Closet Grandmaster ventured out of London even if he didn't get to meet the real people north of Watford!