Monday, August 06, 2007

World Youth Begins

Three of the 4 Aussie teams currently competing in the World Youth U16 Olympiad in Singapore were routed in yesterday's first round.

Uzbekistan downed Australia 3 by 4-0 while Turkey also meted out the same scoreline to Australia 4. The all-girl side of Australia 2 lost to Zambia, 3-1, with board 1 WFM Angela Song beating her opposite number. Australia's crack side, however - comprising of Ikeda, Lin, Song and Illingworth - blanked out their Hong Kong 1 opposition, 4-0.

The lone RP team began well enough by beating Switzerland 3 games to 1. RP's board 4 result, Robert Grafil losing to Swiss Nicolas Duport, was the only blemish.


The blindman said...

Hey Amiel,

Do you know anything about these unrated Pinoys? Do they have local ratings or anything? I guess they must be ok if they comfortably beat the 5th seeds.

Anonymous said...

Any team containing Wesley So and three unrated filipinos will be very dangerous - it may even win the competition!

Anonymous said...

what's the point of sending an australian team? they cant even compete with the weak countries!

Anonymous said...

because a) they are clearly capable of competing with other countries (i mean what is ur definition of a weak country)notice that none of the aussie teams are on zero, b) compete is a lose term, without seeing the games, u have no idea if the players that lost were outplayed from begining to end, or if they were totally competitive for the whole game, and then made one slip at the end and lost, or if the game was really complicated and could go either way and c)how do u expect players to improve if they dont get to play tournaments?i mean really, these players are some of the strongest u16s in aus, yeh maybe they arent the strongest in the world, but how else are they gonna get good if they dont play strong tournaments?

Anonymous said...

Australia sent one really good team and then a mixture of some good kids and some up and comers for experience e.g one player is 9 years old and a number 11. Good players are spread across the other 2 teams.

A girls team was sent to promote girls chess - no doubt a foreign idea to a sour person like you.

All of the games have been long and hard fought even when some players are sick. Zambia played out of board order with a bunny on board 1.

Organisers are great and very helpful - will try and write something for Amiel tonight - schedule is a bit grueling.

Our hopeless Aussies are playing on board 3 today - pity about round 2, but early days yet....


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenni

We’ve been watching the results with interest and wish the Aussie players all the best for the rest of the tournament. Hope you're enjoying the humidity and the fresh coconut juice! The best drink there is...


Anonymous said...

July 2007 NCFP ratings:
SO, Wesley IM 2377
OCHOA, Karl Victor 2073
PASCUA, Haridas 2037
GRAFIL, Franz Robert 1928

Anonymous said...

alright, so australians take their place in the world chess stage...and why not? in the back row with the irish and south africans but ahead of the virgin islands and nigeria. atleast they fight. fight is good. but when it comes to money, waste. i guess it depends on the "australian junior's" goals. obviously they cant expect much. but they get to play and party in their own little the marvellous lightings of the chess hall, the nerd's substitute for the discoteque.

Anonymous said...

Cary Grant:

Which country are you supporting?

Seems from your last comment that you just hate chess players or chess in general.

Makes me think that you are only trying to cause trouble.

Of course I am aware that I am now feeding the troll :(