Friday, August 10, 2007

FIDE To Build Chess Hotels

Last night, for some strange random reason, I was thinking about architecture - specifically, how lacking in great architecture the city of Sydney is. Apart from the Opera House and, possibly, the Coathanger - there is really nothing else! Compared to other great cities like New York, London or Paris - Sydney is pretty barren. It's upsetting. I like big beautiful things, you see, and I want to see more spectacular buildings around the place. Bring on back the age of the skyscraper I say!

This morning, as if by coincidence - the first chess item I saw in my news stream was a report from the Russia Info-Centre stating that FIDE "intends to build hotels in 165 countries" in the shape of chess pieces! Chess pieces? Are they kidding? If true, then these guys in FIDE are complete nutters. I may love chess but certainly not so much that I'd like to see these monstrosities, buildings in the shape of chess pieces, dotted all over my landscape or anyone else's landscape for that matter. These latest plans by FIDE ought to be shelved.


DeNovoMeme said...

A pawn hotel called the Cock and Bull ?

Anonymous said...

This sounds like another of Kirsan's ridiculous claims to get his name in the paper.
Even at an average of 1 million dollars per hotel you would be looking at 165 million. Which is money that Kirsan clearly doesnt have.

Anonymous said...

Well said.