Friday, August 10, 2007

Fightin' Words

In a result that will surely send shockwaves throughout the entire Philippine archipelago, the RP team could only draw with Australia 1, two games all. I have to say that I did expect these Aussies to be annihilated. Maybe they do have chess culture, after all. Now if only these Aussies can stop pretending to be giants in Oceania, among the likes of, err, Fiji and, umm, New Zealand, and take on the powerhouses in zone 3.2a then maybe - just maybe. Well done to the young Australians. I'm sure the RP boys would have secretly uttered to the Aussies: "See you at the Oympiad fellas. Some day!"

Have a nice weekend to my fellow Australians. I do love youse, you know.


Anonymous said...

As previously stated, it was RP fighting to hold a 2-2 result - at one point we were fairly sure that it was going to be a 2.5 win to Aus.....

However RP board 3 is a real talent and Zhigen could not hold the position once he got into time trouble.

I think the medals are going to be India, Hungary and Phillipines and well deserved play by all 3 teams.

Aus will be doing its best to get no 4 spot.


Anonymous said...

i cant believe this shameful result

Anonymous said...

Not all that shameful - Aus board 1 has 2 IM norms and Aus board 4 came =1st at world youth a few years ago. Other boys are also hard working and talented.


archer_401 said...

Shameful for whom? Yourself?

Rather good result for both teams, fair dinkum.

Wesley takes the gold for Board 1 hands down. But IMHO he should concentrate on obtaining the 2 additional norms for his impending full GM title.

Note to Ariel-TCG. I know about the bulletins in the SG website. What I was thinking was that you'd know where to find the games in .pgn instead of .doc. Unless of course you had tediously loaded that last game manually in Chess Publisher.

Anonymous said...

Moulthun a draw - one that he is perhaps not so happy about now. Junta a win, so a board medal of some sort. Ray is worse, Max better.

Top 6 get medals, so Aus still in with a chance. :)

Andrew Brown also has a chance of a medal and perhaps Max

I am just back at the hotel to get some flags, so I can embarass the boys b making them carry tehem.


Anonymous said...


What is the normal principle when dealing with trolls and idiots?

You should know better ;)


Anonymous said...

philippines have more class. it was an accident. out of 10 matches, aussies would be creamed.

Anonymous said...

OK - it is all over! In the end Aus was pretty happy to get the medal for 5th place, as we really didn't play that well the last 3 rounds.

The outstanding performance was Junta Ikeda, who picked up the silver medal for board 2. Andrew Brown was =3rd for Board 2, but missed out on countback.

Organisation was efficient and friendly, so definitely one of the best overseas tournaments I have been to.

Congrats to India, Hungary and Phillipines on their top 3 places and to Uzbekistan (4th medal) and Turkey (6th medal).

Lokking forward to going home!


Anonymous said...

yes Garvin I know, but I am a woman - I have to try an get the last word. :)

Seems some people on this blog have never heard of graciousness and sportmanship.


chessnia said...

Personally, I thought Australia's result was very good. We only lost one match (against Turkey) and Caissa probably favoured the other teams more than it favoured the Australian team...

I don't think Australia would have been able to compete against these teams a few years back, so I think the result is very meaningful.

Anonymous said...

I'm following this events from but they published only the first eigth rounds. The last two rounds and the final standings were not available. Can anyone tell me where to find the final results.