Sunday, August 19, 2007

DATMO Opens on Sunday

Several Australians will open their battles tomorrow in the Malaysian Open in KL. The list of Aussies include:

Max Illingworth
WIM Laura Moylan
FM Brian Jones
IM Gary Lane
Eugene Schon
Roland Brockman
FM Brett Tindall
FM Geoffrey Saw
Justin Tan
Christopher Wallis

A smaller number of Pinoys are also in attendance. Their campaign will be spearheaded by IM Wesley So who will aim for a GM norm performance there.

Six grandmasters are also playing and among whom is Englishman GM Murray Chandler. These guys will need to be extra careful as the organisers have placed a bounty on their heads. Players of any rank can win a maximum of $100 for every time they beat a GM.

Good luck to everyone. Meanwhile, I'm off to the NSW Championships this afternoon.

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