Monday, August 13, 2007

Doctors Take Out Teams

A Russian team of PhDs won yesterday's NSW Teams Challenge 2 event. Calling themselves the 3 Musketeers the team included IM Alex Matros, FM Vladimir Smirnov, Kazimir Kolossovsky and Smirnov's son, Anton. No, Anton doesn't quite have PhD just yet but given that both mom and dad have one, it won't be long before the kid will have one too!

In second place were the Sydney Academy of Chess team followed by Parramatta 2. My own team Parramatta 1 was disbanded after just two rounds. This happened because our board 2 player had some kind of medical emergency and was driven home by our board 1. And our board 4 had an urgent business to attend to. It was a disaster and left me orphaned. Lucky for me somebody pulled out of the Nuclear Hormones team and I quickly replaced him. It was funny because I actually managed to play against another team twice!

It was a fun day of team chess overall, as it usually is, but lacked the competitive feel of previous editions. It will be a real pity of this event dies out.

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