Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Zhukova Berates Lagno

Fourth board for Ukraine's women, Natalia Zhukova, had some pretty nasty things to say about ex-compatriot Kateryna Lagno.

Zhukova: "Getting rid of the parasites is always painless. Well, love cannot be forced. If she doesn't want to play for Ukraine, why do we need such people? We didn't communicate at the Olympiad, she avoided it. Cleansing is always for the better."

Terrible thing to say even for my tastes.

Obviously we're relying on the translation to be accurate, but since it is a Russian site, I guess it is 100% reliable.

Anyway, GM Jonathan Tisdall thought he might have read something else, too, in Zhukova's remarks.

He was talking about the Ukrainian's comment that the Chinese "have some kind of medications which helps them to feel refreshed as on the first day."

Well, what do we think?


Anonymous said...

The regime in Kiev has been encouraging its supporters to compare the federalists/self-defense forces in the eastern part of the country to insects like the Colorado beetle ["Kolorads"], among other such terms. So "parasite" is just more of the same sort of dehumanization that is being officially sanctioned by the authorities in Kiev.

Παναγιώτης Φρεντζάς said...

Being in the closet, you should know that Zhukova has serious personal issues with Lagno.