Saturday, August 09, 2014

Beautiful Women of the Olympiad

Obviously, you just cannot teach an old dog any new tricks, can you? Here's Frederic Friedel, publisher of Chessbase, on his Jamaican guests: "There are also interviews with lesser-known but more exotic players, like these two from Jamaica."

While he named everybody else, he couldn't be bothered with the Jamaicans.  As long as they're pretty and exotic, I suppose.

Admittedly, I have some sympathies with Herr Friedel's sentiments about chess: that it ought to be treated "like any other sport, like entertainment, films and music". And by that he means, among many other things I imagine, also celebrating (although some might prefer, ogling at) beautiful women! What is so wrong with that?

Ogle away I say. Herr Friedel's latest post has plenty of beautiful women.

By the way, whatever we may think of Friedel's approach to women, he is at least very mild compared to a certain Canadian grandmaster. You can google away for that.

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