Sunday, August 03, 2014

Aussie in Tromsø Olympiad Fight

I don't remember the Olympiad having had a bust-up since 2006 when an English GM fronted up to an Armenian. But at the start of yesterday's proceedings, it looks like there was another one. The official bulletin, courtesy of GM Jonathan Tisdall, is a bit short on details. He says only the following:

Fighting spirit in unexpected form erupted briefly in the playing hall - veteran journalist and Australian grandmaster Ian Rogers reported that a scuffle broke out that was apparently linked to a serious disagreement related to FIDE politics, but order was quickly restored.

But thanks to GM Rogers, we at least get to know the names of the protagonists.

Kenmure is of course none other than Aussie chess personality Jamie Kenmure who is in Tromsø acting as captain of the men's team from Palau.

The only question is: what exactly about FIDE politics were they arguing about?


Kevin Bonham said...

Jamie is a candidate for FIDE Executive Board but I have no idea if that was connected to the issue or not (I've only just heard of it in the last hour or so).

Kevin Bonham said...

OK, the goss is PNG have been having all sorts of ructions re who they support for the top job (among other things) and that there was an accusation about someone giving someone else a registration password.