Monday, August 16, 2010

Bridging the Gender Gap

From NPR:

"I just don't see the point having these separate women's titles," says Krush, who was born in the former Soviet Union but grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y. "I'm not sure what they indicate. Women can play with men — they do play with men now. They can earn the same titles as men."

Women-only titles may add to the problem. At least that's what International Master Matt Shankland thinks.

You can also listen to an audio report here.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. To argue that without having women titles there is no initial incentive is the same as encouraging the setting of lower targets.

The lowest men FM title is approximately equal to the highest women WGM title and I know for a fact anyone can become a FM!

It is enough to have title of GM, IM and (now a real reason to also have FM - I call it a master title for amateur players) although with arguments made for there being some devaluation or inflation, perhaps it can be a case for a title above that of GM today!