Monday, August 02, 2010

Hunting for IM titles

A couple of guys from Down Under are on a hunt for their international master titles in Europe. Tomek Rej, with 3 IM norms already in the bag, and Kiwi FIDE master Michael Steadman, who I think has only one IM norm, will be battling it out in the upcoming Deelnemers BDO Challenger Tournament 2010 in The Netherlands.

Rej just needs to score enough rating points to elevate his rating to 2400 to be a licensed IM, but it'll be a tougher task for Steadman. In this event alone, Steadman will need 6 from nine to bag a norm. Of course, the Kiwi will be also be hoping to get in some good practice before heading out to join his compatriots in Khanty-Mansiysk for the Chess Olympiad.

Good luck to these guys!


HeinzK said...

"Deelnemers" means participants.

Anonymous said...

FM Steadman will continue to the First Saturday event in Budapest - we are all hoping he will have all three norms before joining us at the Olympiad!

NZ team

Anonymous said...

awesome - go Steadman !