Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Limit to the Presidency

The 81st FIDE Congress will take place later this year between 23 Sep to 4 Oct. I attended one of these during the Dresden Olympiad 2 years ago. While it all seemed a bit chaotic at times, the chess body at least has the good sense to properly set out an agenda and to actually publish relevant documents in good time.

Some of the agenda items for the upcoming meeting are interesting reading. From the list it looks like there is at least one national federation out there that has some good sense.

A proposal from Ukraine:

The Ukrainian Chess Federation would like to submit the following proposition for changes in the Electoral Regulations of FIDE:

No person can be elected to a position of FIDE President for more than two consequential terms.

We would like to get your opinion on the matter and to put forward the proposition to the Executive Board.

Yes, I can just imagine the current incumbent really giving that some serious thought! It should be noted that the Ukrainians have declared their support for the Karpov camp in the race for the FIDE presidency.

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ejh said...

I'd agree with that on principle, regardless of the current election (on which I am taking a hope-they-both-lose position). Of course it's not a solution to anything, because what is always liable to happen is that somebody serves two terms and then puts up a puppet to "replace" them, but in general I think it's a useful move to at least reduce the scopes for abuses of power.