Monday, June 28, 2010

Is Your Engine Legit?

I hadn't even thought this to be a question to mull over. But Gary Walters wonders about which chess engines are legit:

The controversy is not so much with these engines, but rather with the "free," "open source" engines that are cropping up. There are many of these as well, led by what's known as the IPPOLIT family, including RobboLito, Igorrit, IvanHoe, FireBird and Fire. Some have claimed that the IPPOLIT engines are nothing more than decompiled versions of Rybka that have been tweaked (for better or worse) and tossed onto the market. Last I checked the IPPOLIT authors were an anonymous group hailing themselves as the "Decembrists."

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Anonymous said...

This article demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge of the open source model and the copyright issues, and is pretty much insulting to the open source coders who have provided us with firefox, openoffice, linux and BSD.

Perhaps someone will explain how a copyright of life + 99 years promotes creativity.