Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sponsorship or Vote Buying?

When you've got pockets as deep as Ilyumzhinov's and when the man himself is more than willing to throw money around, it all gets a little too hard for the opposition. The current FIDE boss a couple of days ago announced that he will sponsor 10 tournaments across Asia totalling $1 million over a ten year period. That's $100,000 per event!

How's Karpov supposed to counter this?

Fact is, and here's the reality check for Karpov, most players are happy to accept Ilyumzhinov's money as Dylan Loeb McClain rightly points out in the NYT. But more worrying for the Karpov camp than the players are really the many feds or rather the chess polies who run them. Somehow, Karpov needs to appeal to their better senses other than those that respond to dollar signs.

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Anonymous said...

That is just one super rich event per year. But countries will have to wait their turn!
I also wonder what the format is and who will administer (steal?). Or can it be used for just about anything?