Friday, June 11, 2010

Kirsan: I'm not ET's Agent

A long interview with FIDE boss Kirsan Ilyumzhinov by Russian paper Gazeta is thankfully available in English on Kirsan's own OneTeam campaign website. See here. I say thankfully because reading this interview just gives us yet another reason to laugh.

The section on Kirsan's ET encounters is a real doozy. Like this:

I was glad to know this, that people from any part of the Earth write to me, I receive hundreds thousands of emails, photos and descriptions. In the USA NASA only registered more than four thousand images of UFOs. I do not mention many Russian cities. I am only happy that a person starts to realize that he is not alone in this Universe, and stops being egoistic, being the only being with a mind, on this Earth. We are surrounded by lots of creatures with intellect. Horses, cats, dogs – animals also feel, love and hate. I do not mention representatives of other civilizations. This is great. The faster we start feeling ourselves as part of universal intellect, the quicker wars and destruction of each other and creatures with mind shall stop. I am grateful for this to journalists and all those who write to me.

Such bizzaro statements might get any normal polie tossed out faster than you can say, "the bloke's a mental case", but the thing is - there just ain't anything normal about His Highness (as the Indians so deferentially addressed him).

What sets the Kalmykian president head and shoulders above most other polies is - conviction. The man truly believes in what he 's saying. It's hardly the sort of quality that you can say about "Phony Tony" or Phony Tony's sparring partner, Kevin "ETS Backflip" Rudd.

And the man has balls.

Realising that a backflip on his ET story is pointless, Kirsan makes a bold and only logical move. Says he, "For the first time I officially declare that I m not an agent of any extraterrestrial intelligence."

Can you imagine Kevin Rudd saying the equivalent, "For the first time I officially declare that I m not an agent of the Chinese Communist Politburo"? No, of course, you can't! Because unlike Ilyumzhinov, Rudd has no balls!

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