Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sydney's Canterbury Chess Club

I meant to post about this sooner when I got the email from Stewart Enfield a few weeks ago.

Canterbury Chess Club in Sydney is possibly one of the smallest clubs around, but it has a core group of very committed members. Among them is former national champ, FM Fred Flatow. Others to appear in their club rooms are IM George Xie and the hustler, Ernesto Puzon.

I mention this club because, while my connection with them had already waned by the time I left Oz last month, it's a club that gave me nice memories. For instance, the only trophies I ever got from chess were won from Canterbury CC events. But more critically, I mention them because they need members; and they need volunteers.

In Dr Stewart's email (he was the club secretary at the time) he said, "Clearly, if we do not have enough hands to run the club, it will fold. None of us wishes to see that outcome."

Well, I hope it doesn't fold and will still be there by the time I get back.

The club is located meets in the Lakemba Services Club, cnr Quigg St and the Boulevarde, Lakemba. They meet Mondays, starting from 1930.

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