Sunday, February 07, 2010

Musashino Chess Club

Finally moved into an apartment this weekend. It's in the neighbourhood of Kichijoji. I'm already liking this place. It has the flavour of Paddington, in Sydney, or St Kilda, in Melbourne. Just like those suburbs Down Under, Kichijoji is hip and happening. My kinda town.

But the best bit, I think, is that there's a local chess club! It's the Musashino Chess Club and I found it thanks to this website (ran by a Japanese bloke with an American accent).

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Edu said...

This is still a secret but in Kichijoji some decent players are going to open a new chess club in one month. Write if you want more details. I don't know your email, but by reading at your posts we will get along really well I think.
Nice to meet you!