Monday, October 26, 2009

Sachdev Walks Down the Aisle

I wonder if India has its own "Dancing with the Stars" program. They sooo need to get this chick Tanya Sachdev in that show. There's a real chess champion who can make chess utterly sexy. She's even managed to march down the catwalk for local Indian fashion design team Ashima-Leena.

When asked what it was like to walk down the ramp for the first time, Sachdev said, "After playing chess for so long I always thought walking the ramp would be easy, but now I can easily say that chess is much easier. Initially I had butterflies in my stomach, but once I was there, it was good fun."

From the Times of India.


Anonymous said...

Title is misleading. I was expecting a piece stating ther Indian IM was getting married and instead got told she's a fashion model.

Retitle your piece to "Sachev Walks Down Runway" to avoid this confusion.

Anonymous said...

Why would TCG want to retitle the article? It was the whole point - to be misleading!

Unknown said...

Tania is actually her main name.

Anonymous said...

In the interests of gender equality, you should also have posts about hot male chess players :p