Sunday, October 25, 2009

Obama is World Champion

Adding to his totally undeserved Nobel Peace Prize, the big talking all promise messiah-like United States president, Barack Obama, stuns the world by becoming the next World Chess Champion. Yes, you read that right.

The World Chess Federation today announced that Barack Obama had become the world chess champion, nudging aside former undisputed champion Viswanathan Anand of India.

The news surprised some in the chess world, because Obama has never participated in tournament play. But FIDE officials said they felt certain Obama could become world champion if he ever decided to try.

Others were less surprised. Hungarian grandmaster Judit Polgar noted the world championship is just the latest in a string of triumphs for the American president.

From the Tampa Bay Online.


Data-Success said...

Lol! Great article! ;D

Anonymous said...

So we know the blogger doesn't like Obama.
As a foreigner: Aha, there are US citizens disliking their president. Is this their level? Ces sont pauvres. So what?
As a chess friend: Keep it for yourself. Nonsense in a chess blog should be funny at least. And you must hate a lot to find this funny.

Anonymous said...

I sense that you don't like Obama. While I agree that he didn't deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, and he definitely isn't a messiah of any sort, he is a vast improvement on George Bush. He certainly has much greater respect for human rights than Bush could ever be capable of.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, that's so funny. Let's all laugh on the count of 3. 1 ... 2 ... haha couldn't wait. What a stupid and boring article. So why follow the Tampa Bay Online lead! Expected more!

doubleroo said...

Personally I loved it. To Mr Anonymous who agrees that the peace prize was undeserved but is of the opinion that Obama has much greater respect for human rights I ask. Do the people he is bombing feel better for it? You obviously would like the person pissing on you to tell you it is raining.

Anonymous said...

Doubleroo, if you are referring to Afghanistan and Iraq, the decision to actually invade those countries in the first place was not made by Obama. And Obama has at least taken steps to close down Guantanamo and ensure that the violations of human rights that occurred under Bush (remember those torture memos?) will not occur in the future.

Also I am amused to see that you assume that I am male. Perhaps this says something about the gender inequality in the chess community?

doubleroo said...

My apologies Ms Anonymous. He did not start Afganistan and Iraq? True he is just continuing and escalating. Steps(??) to close down Guantanamo! Super. Does the "rain" not feel surprisingly warm?

nethinde said...

Great satire, the analogy is eminent.

Anonymous said...

MOST American citizens don't like Obama that much either. Obama is un-American, antisemitic, and therefore anti-chess. Nobody really cares how handsome he is anymore, only that he is doing everything he can to further destroy the free market and lengthen the international economic depression we are all stuck in. It is only the uneducated idiots that still like Obama. I was hopeful at first seeing a new face in charge but now I no longer believe in Obama's 'Change'. I am a moderate Democrat and African American btw before you start claiming that I am biased.

Russ Bastable said...



"It is only the uneducated idiots that still like Obama."

Nice to see the "educated, non-idiots" clarifying things for the rest of us with "well thought out, non-ridiculous" statements. Appreciate that, thanks.

Loved the article, don't hate at all, and in fact I will almost certainly be supporting Obama, again.