Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Holey Wohly

My memory seems to keep telling me that I've heard of this before, but I can't be absolutely certain. Anyway thanks to ChessCafe.com's archives, I've just now read an article that talks about an opening named after Aussie international master Alex Wohl. It's the so-called "Holey Wohly".

Alex, of course, is a long-time campaigner who continues to have good successes. He topped a tourney in Wiesbaden this year and, more recently, the Munich Open (with a performance rating of 2600+).

Here's the article by Tony Miles on the Holey Wohly.

By the way, as I searched around the net for that Yermolinsky - Wohl game that Miles mentions in the article (and which is, I think, the same game mentioned here in the third paragraph), I also stumbled upon another system that happens to have the Miles/Wohl connection. This one will be particularly special to our South Australian readers. It's the "Adelaide Counter Gambit".

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Anonymous said...

he probably got it refuted for free when he seconded levon aronian in bilbao