Saturday, October 24, 2009

Paragua To Break World Record

The 500-board simul world record that is currently held by Iranian GM Morteza Mahjoob could soon be broken by Pinoy GM Mark Paragua. Marlon Bernardino reports that the Mark will aim for 600 boards!

Taking on mostly 600 patzers at the same time, well, that's always an achievement, ain't it. Frankly, GM Paragua, the first Pinoy to reach "Super Grandmaster" status as Bernardino reminds us, ought to try and return to that elite company. Stick to serious chess, not this sideshow stuff.

But then again, when you've got a giant like a certain Wesley So casting such a shadow, what can you do?

By the way, go to the FIDE database, select Philippines, list by rating, then search. I get zero results. Nada.


Anonymous said...

this has happened a few times before. maybe philippines haven't paid their fide fees yet.

Anonymous said...

This is not surprising, as the NCFP still needs to give the cash prizes of our local players (including titled players) from the just concluded GMA and Pichay Cup. Imagine when the closing ceremonies finished last October 7 and the NCFP took priority in giving the big cash prizes to all foreign players (because they are leaving early flights), to the dismay of our local players, NCFP announced that local players can claim their monies the following day at Pichay's office, the LWUA. Our poor kababayans who waited for hours for the closing ceremonies and to be informed that no prize money will be given...tsk...tsk...tsk.
And to add insult to injury, the following day everybody came and still only a few players were given. Wasted their time from waiting and none claimed!
Until now many of the prize winners including our GMs and other titled players who I know were also victims of the previous typhoon tragedies still need to see the shadow of their fruits.
Also, Philippines did not send any player(s), (boys and girls) for the World Juniors in Argentina. Maybe, no funding? Poor Florendo, poor Docena, they played series of national eliminations and nothing for their efforts...
What is happening to Philippine Chess??

Anonymous said...

We want Campo. We want Campo.

On the other hand, never mind.

Same old, same old.

At the World Juniors, no Philippine reps.

No So, nobody.

I know, it is the typhoons.

Anonymous said...

"Taking on mostly 600 patzers"

i dont think so.

my players (in a local university here) are alleager to play and so are the players of our chess club.