Monday, September 22, 2008

Torre is Dresden Bound

He gets to go to the Olympiad after all. GMA news is reporting that the National Chess Fed of the Philippines has appointed GM Eugene Torre as the non-playing captain of the men's team.


Anonymous said...

the wound is healing...:)

Anonymous said...

There was never any problem with NCFP and Torre - don't believe what Campo and Estimo says because they have reasons to lie.

Estimo claims there was a boycott but Torre played the PGMA Cup and then attended the opening of the Pichay Cup.

And anyone seeing him and NCFP officials together would immediately know how close they are!

Rules are rules and Torre was happy to still be able to contribute his experience by coming along as captain.

Anonymous said...

Eugene deserves to play 1st board, at least every other round to keep him fresh.

Most specially when the RP team plays the top guns countries.

He showed me, and everyone else that he can still play top notch chess when he is motivated.

As for Campo, he has been using Eugene for all this many years. He looks pitiful trying to show off around chess tournaments.