Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Multiprocessor Deep Delta

Chessbase better watch out. It looks like there's a new player on the loose. Some outfit called VersaGlobe is aiming to design what may become the world's most powerful chess program. Dubbed Deep Delta, it is "being designed to run on eight 64-bit processors and will be able to analyze millions of positions per second."

David Christopher, CEO:

We hope to code a chess program to think tactically instead of only using raw calculation. If we can achieve this, it may lead to the development of programs for games that computers are less adept at, such as poker, go, and even real time economics and market simulation.

Courtesy of their own media release.

And that folks is our 2,001st post. It completely slipped my mind that my post yesterday was our milestone 2,000th.


Ryan said...

Happy belated anniversary wishes. Here's to the next 2,000! :)

Anonymous said...

Competition is good.. :)

Unknown said...

Happy 2000th post Ameil! Glad your blog is going strong.

Alex Toolsie

Ooyyo said...

In order to chess program think tactically it still needs a brain. And I doubt it will happen (soon at lest).