Monday, September 08, 2008

Heard About NSW Champs?

What is it about the currently running NSW State Championships? It's almost a none existent event! Even the state body which presides over the title can't be bothered updating their website with the latest results. But whenever I do hear something about the tournament it's always some negative thing. Like last week, for example. This bloke rings me first thing in the morning, before 9AM(!), about how his mate turns up to this venue and there was no one there. No opponent. Pieces weren't set up.

Finally, the opponent did turn up, game went ahead, and thankfully, the mate won his game. And a good game I'm told it was, too.

However, to make things worse for this so-called championships, one of the participants has left the country! And it's none other than GM Dejan Antic. Asked what now happens to the tournament's IM norm possibilities, the NSWCA's tournaments officer, Shane Burgess had this to say on a bulletin board: "Dejan has not withdrawn and has played all but that 1 game with Denis [Bucher]. It is hoped that if he comes back in time that game may be played".

Yeah, keep hoping. Because the clock's tickin'.

Plus how about these so-called postponed games? What is that all about? Like the Karolyi - Sales game, for instance. That one was finally played out on Saturday afternoon and the result was a draw. Now I could tell you all something else about this little encounter. But I won't.


Anonymous said...

I think even though your opponentnot didn't show up, you could still start the clock,and win on time. There is nothing to complain about it.

Anonymous said...

Can we see the games please