Thursday, July 24, 2008

An Aussie in Biel

The Biel International Chess Festival began last Saturday with a lone Aussie in the event. It is, of course, Victoria's Sarah Anton who is playing in the "General Tournament" section. After the first round, Sarah is so far on nil.

Another familiar name to Aussie chess fans, and very definitely to our friends in Malaysia, is none other than Mas Hafizuhelmi. The 2386-rated international master who is gunning to be his country's first GM is off to a good start with 3/3 in the "Master Tournament" section of the festival. In the third round yesterday, he scored a big upset by beating the 2520-rated and 14th seed Russian GM Mikhail Ulibin. That game isn't up on the site yet, but as soon as it becomes available we'll post it here.

Mas' next opponent will be a toughie in top seed GM Ivan Ivanisevic of Serbia.


Anonymous said...

There is a FM Jonathan Humphrey playing in the Politiken Cup 2008 with 5/7.

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

IM Mashafizul excellent game against Russian GM Mikhail Ulibin is avaible at the official site

Anonymous said...

Mas is currently on 3/5 and paired against Volker Duschek in round 6. He lost to top seed Ivanisevic and 8th seed Bauer in round 5 - Grachev and Gleizerov are currently leading on 4.5/5 with a large number of players on 4.

Anonymous said...

Sarah had another win in round 3 - all the chess she has played recently should make a difference when she plays the World Juniors in a week.

I know she was a bit nervous about the WJCC.