Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Math and Chess Link

A study published by the Chess Academy, in Chicago, concludes that integrating chess and math in a workbook can improve a student's maths scores.

Our observations show that the effect of using a truly integrated math and chess workbook also provides mental entertainment and thought by pupils as more fun than traditional computation practices. Pupils were able to sit longer when working on math and chess integrated workbook than working on traditional computation worksheets.

Read more here. Now if you're wondering exactly how all this works, check out some examples on this page. I just don't know, seeing all those figurines and numbers to solve maths problems seems a bit weird. It doesn't quite work for me.


Tom Chivers said...

Those diagrams made me feel nauseous.

Anonymous said...

Link has been known for many years!

See in Canada.


Anonymous said...

People usually find chess more difficult than maths, but I find maths more difficult than chess :)

Anonymous said...

If you feel nauseous after seeing those math and chess integrated problems then you are not alone. Many children feel lost when first looked at them but then they liked them after learning what is going on.

It even becomes addictive for some children because they like math and chess integrated worksheets.