Friday, November 02, 2007

NSWCA AGM Coming Up!

In just three weeks, eyes in NSW chess will once again focus on their Annual General Meeting slated for this coming Saturday, 24 November. Note that this year's venue, according to the association's calendar, will be the Rooty Hill RSL CC, club of long-time association heavyweight Peter Cassetari. Why way out there, I wonder. Whatever, but pity the poor bastards who live somewhere past Strathfield! If there was a big demotivator for attending an AGM, it's surely having to drive (or catch the train) to that part of Sydney.

I don't know about you but this year seems less noisy in chess politics in New South Wales. No talk of revolution this time around. There have certainly been fewer controversies as far as I can tell. No big stuff up over grade matches. No funny business over some club championship. But our keener observers, anti-NSWCA almost by instinct, will point to other complaints. Feel free to leave a comment and file those complaints.

As for me, I only have a couple of questions. Who will lead us next year? And how much money have we lost since that massive $11K hit in 2006?

Actually, I did have a few more questions than that which I'd sent over to NSWCA boss Bill Gletsos. Here's what I asked him:

1. Bill, this may seem a bit late but I think it's still important. In the last AGM the treasurer reported an $11K loss from tournaments. Is this the biggest loss in the history for the Association?
2. What specific actions is the NSWCA taking to prevent the same from happening in 2007?
3. And how are we tracking?
4. Give us your overall assessment of the state of chess in NSW as you see it.
5. No doubt there are those factors that are entirely beyond your control but which have a profound impact on the chess scene. Briefly, what might those be?
6. And just a quick question on the NSWCA newsletter - the printed one. In this day and age of many things electronics, do you still intend to continue this service?
7. Finally, I'd like to ask a question about the Australian Championships. I think our readers would like to know: what was really stopping you from joining forces with Peter Parr?
8. Thanks very much for your time Bill. Are you a fan of TCG?

I sent those in July. No replies received to date to any of them. I didn't even get an answer to the last one.


Anonymous said...

It's really not far from Bankstown to Rooty Hill. But we know Amiel that you don't like to go far away from home, except perhaps to work in the Sydney CBD, and play in the the city pubs, clubs and your favorite chess shop.

See you at the AGM? Brian

Anonymous said...

So has Jason Lyons bothered to become a member of NSWCA?

Is their anyone who is contesting any position on council?

Anonymous said...

Nobody wants to work with Bill. The ones who do deserve a medal.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for posting a comment a bit late, but this is the first time I have looked at your blog in a couple of weeks. Good to see that you seem to have taken my advice of a couple of weeks ago about livening up your blog by having a bit of controversy in it.

I wouldn't let the AGM being at Rooty Hill put off people who live east of Strathfield from attending, as from experience [I had to go to Rooty Hill earlier this year to play in the Grade Matches] when one gets on the M4 at Strathfield it should take no more than 40 minutes by car to get to Rooty Hill on a Saturday afternoon. Once on the M4 all is fine [except for rush hour on weekdays, of course].

As it is unlikely that I will be at the AGM I need you TCG to be there let me know if I win a $50 bet! The bet I have with my friend is that I win $50 if the NSWCA loss for 2007 is closer to $20k than $10k [my friend wins $50 if the 2007 NSWCA loss is closer to $10k that $20k].

As for your request for complaints about the NSWCA, I suggest you have a look at the reader comments in the "NSWCA" section of your blog. There is no shortage of examples of the NSWCA's incompetence in running chess in NSW!

Good questions that you asked of Bill Gletsos. It would have been good to see his response, although I am not surprised that he did not respond. The NSWCA needs a new president, someone with good human relationship skills. I would be happy if Bob Keast or Charles Zworestine had another stint as President. Gletsos must go!

Anonymous said...

TCG, my friend. Have a look at Chess Chat ASAP! Have a read of Peter Parr's post of earlier today "Tsunami Hits NSWCA Members". I don't think this post is going to last much longer once Gletsos sees it! Its a very long read, but mate, Peter Parr makes some good points, and I'm sure you could make post or two in your blog on some of the valid points that Parr raises.