Saturday, November 10, 2007

German Beats American in Chess Boxing

I woke up this morning to the ABC's Newsradio and they had a report on the first ever World Chess Boxing Championships in Berlin. It was an audio-only version of the BBC's video report that you'll find here, while the text is here.

The sport's inventor Dutch artist Iepe Rubingh had the best line: "If you move the pawn, it's like moving your jab. If you come with the knight, it's like a hook. If you come with the rook, it's a straight right. And if you march in with the queen, it's a knockout".

Photo from WCBO site.

Congrats to German police officer Frank 'ANTI TERROR' Stoldt for winning the event! He won via a checkmate in round 7, apparently with "only seconds to go".

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