Saturday, November 10, 2007

Is the NSWCA a Joke?

Members of the NSWCA would have by now received a mailout from their association advising of the upcoming Annual General Meeting and the State Lightning Championship on 24 November. But it seems a handful of you also received their ID cards. One of our friends certainly did.

Our friend wrote in: "One interesting item included is my NSWCA member card with date of issue 06/11/2007 and expiration date of 31th December 2007. Does it mean I need it only to attend the NSWCA AGM and the Lighting tourney? I scanned and attached it here to see the joke. It's not funny."

Well, NSWCA, is this a joke? Our tipster may not think this funny, but I surely am laughing!


Anonymous said...


Does Basil Faulty run the NSWCA, or is it the Three Stooges, or maybe Dumb and Dumber.

I smell a rat. Maybe only "lucky" Card Holders will be allowed through the AGM door. What a pity that the NSWCA council's public enemy #1 is not allowed to join the NSWCA nor attend the AGM.

Anonymous said...

I agreed with your tipster that the NSWCA ID card is a joke.
Examining the member card issued to me on 2006 and 2007, shows that the Member numbers are not the same for each card. Does the NSWCA understand simple record archiving. In computer DB or manual file system, the member number is a search key to member records and should not be changed for each year... unless, they do not need it for record archive. What!... are they joking.

Anonymous said...

I recently joined a Leagues club late in their membership year (since I was going to use it a lot between when I joined and the end), result - same thing, I'll only be a member for this year for a 'very' short time.

A bit of a beat-up it seems. unless you have some research to flesh this 'story' out. Oh and there a few different (perhaps only a couple) ways that membership numbers are generated - either lifetime or not.

Worthy of note, but hardly the histrionics Sir.

Anonymous said...

The membership cards (which where never called or intended to be ID cards) were pretty much made so that people would be aware of whether their membership had been received, and when it would expire.
The membership number just shows the year and the order of joining, so this can easily be matched to information kept by the treasurer/registrar.
Cards are only sent out with the regular mail-out, so as not to waste money on postage. The reason this person's card is only valid for a short time is because they joined very late in the year. If they find this so distressing perhaps they could send their membership form on January 1 next year (and maybe even get membership number 08001!) :P
I don't know who invented the story about needing a membership card to attend the AGM - I certainly didn't read that on anything sent from the NSWCA.

Anonymous said...

Dear Laura,
I have not played this year and have not renewed my membership. I intend playing again next year and will of course renew my membership then. If I were to attend the AGM, would I have pay a whole year's membership, or would I be permitted to just sit in to listen without voting rights.

Thank you in advance,

Anonymous said...

"I have not played this year and have not renewed my membership. I intend playing again next year and will of course renew my membership then"

FMD! Why not just renew to support NSWCA. Or are you simply a miserable bar steward?

Anonymous said...

I have been a member of our Local Chess Club for more than seven years. Our Club is an affiliate of the NSWCA and accordingly I am also a member of NSWCA. In 2006 my member card have a date of issue of 10/04/2006 and expired on 31/12/2006 this year 2007 the date of issue is 06/11/2007 and expired on 31/12/2007. Simple arithmetic tells me that I have a lapsed in my membership. These dates really donot compute in terms of membership... I am just relieved to know that at the bottom it says "This card remains the property of the NSW Chess Associations". Do I have to return it when it expired??

Anonymous said...

The people who got their "magic membership" card should hand them back to Laura at the AGM.