Friday, February 23, 2007

Open Thread

Another slow week for TCG that one. Well, being busy at work didn't help either. But our post on Peter Parr's chess by the beach did hit a few nerves and discussion is going hot. Please post your comments there.

A number of Australians are in action overseas. There's the trio in Aeroflot: Smerdon, Weeks and Attwood. Latest news is that IM Smerdon has drawn his final round game against GM Ahmed Adly of Egypt for a total point tally of 4.5 points. FM Manuel Weeks didn't really have a tournament to remember. He lost his last game to fellow FIDE master Ishaq Ahmed (2120) and ends his stint there on the miserable 2 points. And in the C section, James Attwood outpointed his compatriots to finish on 5 points overall.

Over in France IM Alexander Wohl is now in joint lead, on 5 points, after six games of the FIJ Open. Pinoy player IM Joseph Sanchez is also up there on a similar score.

Finally, I'm all set for tomorrow's City o Sydney. No prep, no nothing! I'm just going to turn up. Actually, I just hope I can avoid the drink tonight - else, there's no way I could drag myself early enough to travel all the way to North Sydney.

Have a good weekend everybody.


Anonymous said...

Forgive me for not having a ratings master file,but where the hell does James Attwood come from in Australia? NSW? Qld? SA?

Anonymous said...

22 2058146 N Attwood, Jim 2001 m NSW

from chess australia sitE ;)