Saturday, February 03, 2007

Game Fixing Investigation Continues

In so typical Filipino fashion, we're now going to wait two more weeks for some sort of finality to the whole game fixing fiasco in RP. NCFP boss Prospero Pichay appeared in a press conference yesterday in Quezon City where he said:

Under the by-laws of our constitution, it is the internal affairs committee which shall investigate things of this nature...They will be given two weeks to look into this alleged game-fixing or networking, because we don’t want to prolong the agony of the chess players themselves.

Some criticisms were actually aimed at the NCFP for allegedly having named those players under investigation. (See for instance Bobby Ang). On this note the NCFP head denies having released the names. Such a denial seems to me to only add further fuel to speculations that there is a faction in RP chess (referred to by some as the "old guard") who are intent on destabilising the careers of certain players. After all, somebody did leak those names.

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Anonymous said...

im jayson gonzalez is the crying wolf who told names to the daily mirror. he is also on the investigating board.

i remember gm torre's name was mentioned first, and then there was an immediate publicized denial announcement by him?

and then gm paragua and others..

what gives?