Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Australia Trio in Aeroflot

The sixth 2007 Aeroflot Open is due to commence and will feature three Australians. David Smerdon is in the A2 group with the likes of Abhijit Kunte and Vietnamese star Quang Liem Le. Australian Olympiad captain Manuel Weeks is in the B group while a third Aussie, James Attwood (FIDE 2125), is in the C group. Our best wishes to these guys!

I hope they turned up OK yesterday at the airport. I just love the organisers' message on their website: "Please, watch for signs and listen to loud-speaker information at the airport and be patient.Everyone will be taken care of."

There does not appear to be any RP players listed. (I recall that last year GM Paragua was listed then failed to turn up).

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Anonymous said...

Which australian state is James Attwood from?