Sunday, February 04, 2007

All the best to Campo

No doubt that we've all read the Chessbase report on Campo's car accident in Turkey. I know some of our readers don't exactly like the Old Man very much, but I think we can at least be gracious enough to wish the former FIDE boss a speedy recovery.

The TCF are apparently looking after Campo. This report in ABS-CBN quotes Alli Nihat Yazici: "We would like to inform the Board of FIDE and the world of chess that the Turkish Chess Federation, governor of Antalya and mayor of Kemer will take care of our honorary president."

I met Campo only once, in 1999, when he was here for the QVB Chess Festival. Whatever anyone can say about him, I found him quite likable and gracious. Sydney personality and ex-Olympiad captain Peter Parr is another fan. All the best to Campo.


Anonymous said...

I may not like him personally, but he has done so much to Philippine Chess! The good things he did for the game far outweighs the faults and mistakes he committed. The Grand Old Man of Chess deserves our gratitude and respect,we owe it to him. All the best to Campo!

Anonymous said...

not. no one, not a one owe the self serving man anything. rather, he owes a lot of people whose dreams, whose lives he had destroyed.

understand that philippine chess declined during his reign.

he may think he is above the law, but, not to a higher being who will judge and punish him accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Look at the Polgar blog..he named all his 4 male children Florencio's, I to IV, and his two girls Florencia and Florence!!

They say FIDE will have a FIDE Florencio coffin made for him!!

Anonymous said...

sorry for anyone who has an accident or ill health, but that doesn't make excuses for Campo, or people suddenly showing, maybe not sincere sympathy.

Those who really know his history and deceptions, devious behaviour, silent arrogance, will never change their mind on their opinions of the guy. He is what he is, simply got away with evil. No accident changes that!

If some of you only met him in Sydney, or occasionally, then maybe you could be persuaded to find him gracious or whatever.

Beleive me if you know him, and all he has gotten away with, you would feel the same anger, dislike towards him.

People need to know Philippine politics, culture,their way of thinking, acting, and the fear to speak out against anyone who's so called up there...the bosses..those with power like Campo, who can make life very difficult for the simple or regular person.