Friday, March 11, 2011

Chess & Chicks Don't Mix

I don't know about this:

[T]he Chess Olympiad and the world chess championship are in the highest level of chess competition. Going down to ordinary chess-playing, many a wife, girlfriend or child has experienced problems with the husband, boyfriend or father because of the time he spends on this game. Due to this so-called "gymnastics of the mind", the chess lover tends to forget all his other loves. From my own experience, I concluded that "Chess and chicks don't mix."

From Bacolod's Sun Star paper.


Intermezzo said...

Hello CGM,

First of all I hope that you are well and safe as I hear that the earth quakes over their are pretty big ones. Now would be a good time to stay in the Closet!

Secondly I wanted to disagree (as I think you do) with the article you attached here about chess and chicks not mixing. I think they can but it must be said that chess can be a cruel mistress and although I'm happily married to a very understanding lady I do still get the balance wrong from time to time.

As always there is a cautionary tale to tell and I always try to keep in mind the story of Marcel Duchamp to keep me on the straight and narrow! If you or your readers aren't familiar with it then I posted on it on our blog last year...

All the best and stay safe.


Hot Chick said...

the reason Chess and Chicks dont mix is because the average chick has an IQ not too dissimlar from a block of wood.

The Chicks that do have high IQ's tend to get unwanted attention from also sorts of weirdo's and leave Chess for good. Take the recent Hamilton event in New Zealand for example

Anonymous said...

some alternative views in the comments to this thread :

Interesting, but I see some dangerous falacious simplification in this article, for example, what women see in men is not just “mental fitness” but in fact they look for balanced “overall fitness” which is composed by mental, physical, social & emotional fitness. So, in order to get more good sex, one should play chess, no problem with that, but also should play a lot of tennis, soccer, volley or else to get a good body shape, and, very important, should cultivate a lot of friends so she will see that you are a stable guy with good contact and social relations… The wrong way is to get extremely developed ONLY in one way, only on chess, only on social (play boy…) or only on physical exercises (like a hamster)… So, my friends, if you are equal to others, BUT you ALSO play chess, then for sure she will choose you!!