Saturday, December 04, 2010

Who's More Corrupt?

Speaking of quizzes, I've got a new poll question. But before we get to that: I think by now you've all heard about FIFA's decision to award the 2018 and 2022 Word Cups to Russia and Qatar respectively. Russia I can understand, just, but Qatar? Qatar? It makes me wonder how much those rich sheikhs paid off the football body.

I mean, talk about a very bad idea. Last I checked this part of the world isn't exactly all friendly and welcoming. And then there's the heat - 40 to 50 degrees celsius in June! The hosts have promised airconditioned stadiums, but what about outside? Spectators and visitors can't all be indoors. Which also makes me wonder what the Qataris plan to do about all those women who strip near-naked under a bright sun (and there'll be plenty of that in Qatar) or when the mercury just slightly nudges past 30 degrees. Have them all covered up I suppose. Yeah, that'll be a fun World Cup!

Anyway, here's the poll question. Who do you think is more corrupt - FIDE or FIFA?


Jimmy Liew said...

I vote FIFA, simply because football involve much much more money then chess ever will.

Shaun Press said...

You could also try "Who is more hopeless? The Australian bid team or the Karpov campaign"