Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Spanish Club Blitz

With the Australian Open coming up next weekend, the boys over at Town Hall have the perfect warm up event. Next Saturday we'll have a friendly blitz tournament in the Spanish Club. Yes, despite earlier bad news, this epicentre of Sydney's Spanish-speaking community and host to many a long nights of blitz over the years managed to survive and is very much alive and kicking.

So turn up at 2PM this Saturday, 1 January for a few rounds of blitz. There should be at least 9 official rounds plus real prize money. Although we have a few boards and clocks, we ask that you bring along your own sets and clocks, too, just in case.

Note that games are expected to start at 3PM. This is to allow more folks to come in as well as enjoy some beers before hostilities begin.

The Spanish Club is located at 88 Liverpool St, Sydney.

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