Monday, November 30, 2009

Parr and Sandler Win Elections

Why did the NSWCA have its AGM out in the middle of nowhere in Rooty Hill? Could it be because they like to stop as many people attending and ensure that only friends turn up? Who knows?

But the far distance certainly didn't stop regular ACF and NSWCA critic Peter Parr from getting himself voted in as next year's NSWCA boss. He did so, according to Aussie chess big wig Brian Jones, by bringing along a number of his loyal mates and signing them up as members on the day of the AGM. This is amazing stuff. That's democracy for ya - New South Wales style.

Meanwhile, down south in Victoria, the chess businessman David Cordover, who talks like a Harvard MBA and Anthony Robbins in one, failed in his bid to become Chess Victoria president. The huff and puff of his much hyped PR campaign turned out to be pointless. What probably didn't help his cause were some unexpected salvos from up north across the border!

So, congrats to my mate IM Leonid Sandler for bagging the presidency and to GM Daryl Johansen the veep position. As to what these guys have in mind for 2010, well, that's for our southern friends to worry about.


Brian Jones said...

Apart from Queensland President Garvin Gray and new-Victorian Secretary Jamie Kenmure, the average age of chess administrators seems to be approaching 100 (well maybe 65).
When will the young chess players ever get voted into power? It's time for some new blood.

Anonymous said...

Peter Parr is new blood. He is just what the stale NSWCA needed.

Hopefully Bill Gletsos will realise this and resign so Parr can get on with the job and clean up the mess made by a former president more interested in retaining power than actually doing something to fix or promote chess in NSW!

Anonymous said...

New blood? Hasn't Parr had the job about 15 times before?