Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Chess Critic Renews Attack

While GM Wesley So battles it out in the World Juniors and while the rest of his team-mates are no doubt preparing for the Dresden Olympiad, the higher echelons of Philippine chess today comes under renewed attack. But first, a reminder of this and later, this parry from Bobby Ang.

The latest salvo over this "oursourcing" issue comes from the pen of one Sammy Estimo. Our Pinoy readers will need no reminding that Mr Estimo has lately been an ardent critic of the NCFP and, in particular, its current head Prospero Pichay. Just read my posts here, for example. Quoted in today's Philippine Daily Inquirer, Estimo writes:

The NCFP is a rudderless sports boat being run by two or three officials.

Important policy decisions are arbitrarily made and rammed down the throats of chess players. Grandmasters and national players are banned without due process only to be allowed to play again depending on the temper and caprices of NCFP leaders.

GMs Eugene Torre and Joey Antonio opted to be out of the Philippine team for the first time in 19 Olympiads.

Between them, they hold practically all national chess titles since 1970.

This is their way of protesting the uncertain state of Philippine chess under the present NCFP leadership, whose legitimacy is still pending before a court of law because the reigning officials were allegedly put into office by only 36 out of more than 500 voting clubs nationwide!

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