Friday, August 29, 2008

Caoili: Do I look like a temptress?

For some strange reason, Arianne Caoili made an apperance in last night's episode of A Current Affair. You may have to scroll through their videos and find the one called "Hot Moves Chess Girl".

In the report, Arianne talks about her current focus, which is mainly her studies in international relations, her dancing exploits (which was good for her body, she says) and, of course, chess.


Anonymous said...

It's got nothing to do with te substance of this but NineMSN seems to be living in the dark ages. I tried your link using Opera and was told not only that they didn't support Opera but that I should as a Mac person use Firefox 2 and Mac OSX Tiger 10.4. FF2 was also recommended for WIndows users. Now as we all know FF is firmly into FF3 and Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard has been out for ages. So I've yet to see what chess has done to Arianne's body.


Anonymous said...

Don't take her words out of context, CG. She clearly says that she is not* a temptress at all and is surprised by the tag.

Denis, my Opera worked fine.

Kevin Bonham said...

I like your "for some strange reason" comment AR, as the four minutes were composed almost exclusively of rehash.

One expects a fair amount of trash from ACA and they didn't disappoint , with the promotion of both Aronian and Gormally to "world champions". The account of the nightclub incident was also quite exaggerated and they seemed to cut Arianne off before she could really get into her response to the question about it.

Chaos said...

the story I heard was that had Yasser Seirawan not stepped in and broken up the fight there would have been some blood spilled over her... but of course I heard this second hand so what do I know. Hearsay I probably shouldn't even repeat.

Anonymous said...

Well Dan, if you were looking for a reference to the case, you can find it here:

As mentioned in the article, it seems true that Seirawan IS not only knowledgable in the Marshall, but also the martial arts! ;)

Anonymous said...

I think she should take chess a little more seriously again, what a win against Johansen with long time controls! The Solo was lucky to escape alive too, she is clearly gaining back form.

I am expecting a record performance by the womens team this olympiad!

Anonymous said...

I think Arianne is taking her chess seriously at the moment. From what she said to me at ANU she is keen to put in a good performance at the Olympiad. She has always had the talent to do well. She seemed to have a small concern over her exam timetable, so I hope that is resolved.

Irina Feldman is a very unfortunate loss - Shannon is very excited to be going and will do her best for the team, but losing someone as consistent and professional as Irina is sad.